Why are we different?

Fair Result was established based on the frustration with the existing systems for dealing with the emotional issues associated with separation and divorce.

Far too often, particularly where there has been a long marriage and a financial 'marital pot' comprising homes, pensions, savings and investments with other assets of some significance, delays in divorce are not associated for the desire to separate, but dealing with the implications of arranging a financial settlement.

Our Experience

We have worked with numerous people in the past, including our own personal experiences of divorce and believe there is a new way of working and delivering a Fair Result.

We believe that we have the experience and track record to deliver fair financial settlements to all parties. It reduces the stress and emotion, speeds up the process and above all, it reduces costs.

Our Promise to You

We are so confident in our ability to succeed, if appointed by you we will:

- Effect client engagement processes immediately – no costs will be incurred by you and we will not request any fees on account
- Within 2 weeks of appointment – we will assess the ‘Marital Pot’ and share the results of our work with you – There will be no cost to you for this work
- We will provide CLEAR advice on the basis of the Marital Pot of what you are likely to be entitled too – if you believe this to too low, we will discuss this with you and aim to seek agreement. As part of this process, we will agree your ‘red lines’
- If business assets are involved, we will provide you with an evaluation of the likely values to be used for the purposes of settlement – again there are no charges for this work
- If you proceed to issuing proceedings, all of the costs, including court fees, legal counsel, forensic accounting work, negotiations and reaching a settlement will be borne by us – whether this takes one month or three years or more

Reducing Emotional Stress

At the time of our engagement we will provide you with a fixed fee quotation – inclusive of VAT which will not change other than under very limited circumstances explained to you at the time of our engagement.

We are in the business of reaching settlements that are fair – enabling both parties to move on with their lives and reduce the emotional stress of divorce and separation

We may not accept you as a client If we believe you are not being fair and don’t want a fair-result – we are in the business of providing equitable settlements and we will challenge you if we believe your expectations are unreasonable.

We are not in the business of charging hours on the clock and invoicing your accordingly – irrespective if we are making no progress in your desire to seek divorce.

Our Partners

We are delighted to work with some amazing partners.

Clients Testimonials

“I could not have been any more relieved the whole process was dealt with so smoothly by Fair Result. They were approachable efficient and confident in what they could deliver, and it is the best way I could have handled a difficult emotional and financial period in my life. Not something I was ever expecting but with Fair Result behind me I got the best outcome possible and was able to move on with my life emotionally and financially secure.”

Felicity, Surrey

“I engaged with Pete and Chris. It was my second divorce. I was sceptical that their fees were fixed and they could progress a settlement as promised. But the contrast in their services between my first traditional divorce using lawyers was astounding. They were honest, straight to the point and delivered me a fair settlement without all the emotional stress I had the first time.

Simply outstanding service and delivered professionally and it cost me much less than I expected.“

Yvonne S, Cheshire

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