Divorce is one of the most stressful and emotional events of your life. It will affect more than 50% of all married couples during their lifetime. It impacts not just on the two parties but on wider families, children and friendship groups.

Whilst many younger couples look to cohabit and not marry – and that in itself causes major issues when there is a separation, most divorced couples now are in their 40’s-60s where there may well have been long marriages, significant asset accumulation and an entrenchment of attitude and views, making the process more complicated than ever.

It is important to prepare if you have decided divorce is inevitable.

Going forward you need to get to an end result as efficiently and quickly as possible. Divorce has become and industry in itself – we don’t deny we are part of that industry. However, at www.fair-result.co.uk our approach is very different.

We have no interest in delaying the process of divorce – the more time it takes, the more time lawyers have to charge fees, so why would they want to conclude a divorce? They also have no interest in the wider impact it has on families and friends.

Our business has been built from our own traumatic and costly experience of divorce. There has to be a different way – hence why we set up www.fair-result.co.uk.

Our handy guide to divorce and planning checklist are available for you to download for free. Simply pop in your email address and it will be sent straight to your inbox. If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss with the fair result team, please get in touch

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Guide to Divorce


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