Did Your Relationship Suffer in Lockdown?

Here are some things to thing about when you maybe embarking on a very emotional and stressful journey. But the more you plan at this stage the easier the journey can be.

So, think about the following points and prepare for your first meeting.

  1. What caused the relationship to come to an end?
  2. What are your biggest fears going forward?
  3. What arrangements will be best for any children?
  4. What would you want the outcome to be in terms of dividing the assets of the marriage? The court are likely to look first at a clean fair break and 50/50 split.
  5. Where will everyone live?
  6. What support will be needed with the children or finances. Does any party need special assistance?
  7. Where did the matrimonial assets come from (for example, have any come from before you met, are there any family gifts or inheritance to be considered)
  8. Likely costs- What are these likely to be for each stage and where is the money to cover this coming from.

And here are some areas just to bear in mind.

  • Do not speak to anyone other than someone who can be trusted implicitly about the likely steps you are taking.
  • Do not talk to someone who has gone through a divorce about what will happen. They cannot advise you. Their anecdotal view will be based on their personal circumstances and factors relevant in their case. Everyone’s relationship is totally unique and breaking down that relationship presents a unique set of issues. Get independent professionals for advice. It will be impartial and relates only to you.
  • Quietly but quickly gather as much evidence and information as you can about the family finances but do not log onto computer belonging to the partner and take financial information about them or their bank accounts. This would be ruled inadmissible in any subsequent court case. It could also be seen as a criminal act which could have disastrous consequences.
  • Similarly, do not ask the family accountant for this information.
  • Get hold of the marriage certificate or a copy – you will need it.
  • If there are any find copies copy of any pre-nuptial, post-nuptial agreements.
  • If the marriage or civil partnership ceremony took place abroad, get copies of any documentation you have of this.
  • Budget for future expenses for the family who will be living with you until the whole divorce is sorted.
  • Think about if you need alternative accommodation until everything is sorted out.
  • Finally think about how your legal costs can be paid. Access to a family lawyer is essential and must budgeted for during separation and divorce. If no funds are available, could a third-party could help or lend money. But make any loans as formal as possible so thy can be considered when dealing with the family financial assets. Make sure you have documentary evidence of them.

Once you have considered all these things although some people do not want it (some do) you are well on your way to preparing for any divorce or separation.

As much planning as possible will stand you well for dealing with a very emotional time in your life.

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