Pace (p) x Momentum2 (m2) – Process (pr) = Success

Divorce, much like any business transaction, involves a delicate blend of emotions and strategies. While the emotional landscape might differ, the underlying principles of pace, momentum, and process remain pivotal, just as they are in business acquisitions, separations, or disputes.

Having delved into numerous business activities and handling over 100 divorce cases in the last three years, my experience highlights the significant role of process (pr) in determining the fate of any divorce. Unfortunately, process often becomes a hindrance, leading to frustration.

Many legal practitioners tend to focus solely on process, often disregarding the mounting stress that clients and families bear. It’s not uncommon that our caseload includes individuals who have grown weary of the inactivity of their lawyers, leading to a less-than-satisfactory outcome. An illustration of this occurred in August when numerous lawyers were seemingly inaccessible with their ‘out of office’ messages, reflecting a lack of commitment to the very clients they serve. This business of law is, after all, a service, with clients investing real money from their pockets. In contrast, at Fair Result, we operate round the clock, maintaining dedicated WhatsApp groups for each client to ensure seamless communication.

The distinction between pace (p) and momentum (m2) is essential. While pace refers to the movement forward, momentum signifies the ongoing drive to achieve a result. Consistent advancement, irrespective of the speed, is the crux of success. Any slowdown in pace disrupts the momentum, resulting in increased costs and delayed settlements. Particularly, financial settlements demand focused attention and steady momentum. However, this is impeded when legal advisors perpetuate delays or lack responsiveness.

Notably, Fair Result stands apart in offering an absolute fixed fee for our services, ensuring transparency and client-centricity. It’s akin to building a house extension; no one employs hourly rates for such endeavours. I assert that the technicalities and challenges faced in constructing a house extension are no less intricate than those encountered in a divorce.

Momentum (m) is the secret sauce of success. It’s this continuous driving force that propels us toward favourable resolutions. While client participation is essential, the onus of momentum lies primarily with us, your advisors. Hence, when selecting divorce solicitors, the initial conversation holds immense weight. Rather than fixating solely on the divorce process, focus on where your settlement might culminate. Ask how they plan to seize control and foster momentum in your case.

So, if we encapsulate it as p x m2 – pr = success, it becomes evident why Fair Result stands out as the global innovators in the family law sector.

Reach out to us at 0333 577 7009 for an informal chat. Experience our commitment firsthand, available to you 24/7! One of our current clients sums it up perfectly, “Fair Result’s team is incredible. Amidst their busy client roster, they make me feel like their priority. They drive the process relentlessly. In contrast, my wife’s lawyers are sluggish, overlooking key aspects like property valuations, causing unnecessary stress. Fair Result’s responsiveness is unmatched.”