Divorce and ending a marriage can be an emotionally difficult time however long the marriage was Long or short your world is about to change even if it is not really what you wanted or even expected. Your initial dreams and plans are shattered, and you are just about the start a process of what physiatrists describe as being one of the most emotionally difficult periods in your life. So why do courts and lawyers take so long to sort this out making a difficult time more emotionally uncertain.

The short answer is the actual process for divorce can be completed online relatively easily and cheaply. Pay the online court application fee and the court serve the divorce petition on your ex-partner and allowing for the period for service of the documents and the 6 weeks between Nisi and Absolute that is the matter completed.

All sounds very easy and in the modern virtual online world very quick. The difficulties start to arise when there are marital assets pensions homes and or a business to sort out. This is where hidden delays start to build into the process -the process seems to grind to a halt and the emotion and stress rises to levels you never thought existed.

Traditional lawyers will work within this system taking your instructions writing to your ex-partner for their comments who in turn must speak to their lawyers before the start of a solution begins to emerge. All this cots time and stress.

Now the truth of the situation is lawyers in the background have a vested interest in not always working quickly and pushing ahead to find the best and quickest solution for you. Time recording, payment by the hour, payment on account of costs and internal costs targets to meet sometimes lead lawyers to lose sight of you and what you want and need.

Remember the old saying- the only people who gets rich in a divorce are the lawyers on both sides.

Taking your instructions considering your instructions and discussing your instructions with you and your barrister. Then once your instructions are agreed upon discussing them with your ex-partners legal team. This all-costs time and money. Your time and money as well as your emotional involvement.

Almost all divorces involve some re distribution of marital assets – and deciding on who gets what can take lawyers months and sometimes years to sort out. However very often the court is only really going to split the assets in a fair way to both parties and any children who are still young enough to have their needs taken into consideration.

So why not get to this point at the start and avoid yourself a lot of stress hassle and financial commitment.

Go to your partner at the beginning of the process with a fair split of the assets and get the matter resolved completed and finalised as quickly as possible to everyone can readjust and get on with the rest of their lives.

This is what Fair Result Limited was created for to cut through the jargon get to the nub of the issues and sort out a fair settlement allowing everyone time to move on. By starting at the end, right at the beginning, getting all the assets valued and appraised you can start to see what is fair to everyone and you can have the matter negotiated within the time it takes from Nisi the Absolute. Use the time wisely at the start and save yourself time and sometimes a lot of money to get to where the court will ultimately end up.

Contact Fair Result to have your situation appraised with a no obligation commitment to see how we can resolve your marriage breakdown quickly and efficiently. Our fixed costs to include all aspects of your marital breakdown including if needed and y directly instructed barristers or solicitors to cover certain aspects of your case will provide you with certainly clarity and peace of mind at an exceedingly difficult stressful time in your life.