Another Divorce Settlement success at Fair-Result.

We were commissioned by a husband, two weeks ago, after a two-year acrimonious divorce which was getting nowhere. £200,000 down the drain, facing the prospect of another £100,000 in fees for the final hearing. That’s when we took over the case.

Putting to work our unique blend of financial and legal skills, within a week, we were able to identify, that those negotiations were never going to succeed. There was a need for a drastic change of approach. We believe that most troubles reaching settlements come from the lack of meaningful communication. Our team likes to roll up their sleeves and get to work the old-fashioned way. After some open discussions with our client, regarding his stance on some matters.

The next step was a phone call with the other side. Suddenly we had negotiated and signed a settlement in less than TWO WEEKS! Our client ended up saving over £100,000 and a similar amount of money was saved for his wife. This is precisely where our distinctive combination of skills shines the brightest! We cut out the rubbish and focus on the key issues at hand.

To be completely frank, we enjoy jumping in with some good old-fashioned negotiations and delivering quick results. Although, the biggest reward for us at Fair-Result was providing the much-needed relief for both parties, just as they were approaching the Christmas holidays.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a similar situation, where solicitor fees are racking up quicker than you can count, or are just thinking about filing for a divorce and don’t want to risk spending hundreds of thousands of pounds, Don’t hesitate – Give us a call!

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