In our latest editorial for Mersey Life, we look at some of our recent cases and questions where odd, but important, legal issues have arisen.

Pensions & Pension Sharing Pots

Often in divorce one of the biggest subjects for discussion are pensions and pension sharing orders. We hear it all the time, “I want a share of their pension” and “I’ve been with them for years and they owe me some of the pension.” Yes, that’s often right and very often it’s a large pension pot, especially if it’s a final salary public sector pension.

But let’s just look at it – is it really what you want? You may only be mid-forties and can’t access any of the pension for years, and the worst of all things, if you don’t survive many years in retirement, all the pension pot you have waited for is gone and it won’t form part of your estate to leave your children.

Your pension sharing order might once have looked great, but how many years do you need to survive before you get your share back?

There are often other ways to divide the assets which give access to the money much sooner.

DIY Divorces

We often get asked, “can I do my divorce online for free?” The answer is yes. You can get a divorce online relatively cheaply, and only pay the court filing fee, but this will not resolve any issues about finances, children, business valuation, pensions or inherited assets and pre-marital wealth or investments.

The internet is full of great offers telling you how to divorce online very cheaply, but beware of the pitfalls. Once you’ve got your decree absolute, but have not resolved everything else, you’ll have a headache on your hands trying to go back to court to sort out financial and child issues.

What people aren’t aware of is, if the financials are not sorted out before the decree absolute, you could still be liable for marital debts. Or in a very rare case, if you won the lottery, your ex-betrothed could come back at you for a share of that too! Our simple, yet important, advice is to not DIY but to DDIY – Don’t do it yourself!!

With professional advice, you’ll have the peace of mind to know your lawyer will take control of all issues surrounding the divorce, and will call upon experts in other areas, like forensic accountants, to give you all the help and advice you need.

Or speak with a one-stop shop, like ourselves. Where our team of in-house lawyers and accountants can give you solid advice, and act on your behalf across all marital areas, for a fixed-fee, quoted up-front, which won’t change, even if your ex prevaricates for months on end.

Speeding To Divorce

On a separate note from divorces, we’ve also been asked to deal with some motoring clients, and we’ve been to Sevenoaks, Kent, recently to argue exceptional hardship for a lady who had accumulated 12 points, in one day, going into town and out again, flashing the speed cameras 4 times on the same day.

At the time, and unbeknown to her, the husband had cancelled the insurance on her car out of spite of the divorce. Even though she walked out of court with 21 points on her licence, we successfully argued she should be allowed to keep her licence. We’re now representing her in her divorce from said husband.

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