Fair-Result, a pioneering divorce law firm based in the East Midlands, is proud to announce its exceptional achievements in the legal industry – as recognised by two prestigious awards. These awards underscore Fair-Result’s unwavering commitment to providing fair and equitable solutions to divorcing couples.

M&A Today Global Awards 2024 – Outstanding Result-Orientated Services 2024

Fair-Result has been honoured with the coveted “Outstanding Result-Oriented Services 2024” award by M&A Today Global Awards. This recognition highlights the firm’s dedication to delivering exceptional client results, setting a new standard for excellence in the legal industry.

M&A Today Global Awards is a prestigious platform that celebrates unparalleled excellence globally, with participation from over 163 countries.

“We are immensely proud to be recognized as the ‘Outstanding Result-Oriented Services 2024’ by the prestigious M&A Today Global Awards. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients, even in the most complex divorce cases. Our team’s dedication, expertise, and innovative approach have been instrumental in setting new benchmarks for excellence in the legal industry.” – Pete Marples, Director at Fair-Result

SME News UK Legal Awards 2024 – Most Innovative Family Dispute Mediation & Law Firm 2024

Additionally, Fair-Result has been named the “Most Innovative Family Dispute Mediation & Law Firm 2024” by the SME News UK Legal Awards. This acknowledges Fair-Result’s pioneering approach to family dispute mediation – showcasing their commitment to innovation and finding creative solutions for their clients.

Based on extensive research and evidence, the SME News UK Legal Awards recognises firms that demonstrate outstanding commitment, expertise, and innovation.

“Being named the ‘Most Innovative Family Dispute Mediation & Law Firm 2024’ by the SME News UK Legal Awards is a tremendous honour. At Fair-Result, we pride ourselves on our pioneering approach to family dispute mediation, constantly pushing the boundaries to find creative and fair solutions for our clients. This award is a recognition of our team’s relentless pursuit of innovation and our commitment to alleviating the stress and heartache families face during divorce proceedings.” – Chris Sweetman, Director at Fair-Result

About Fair-Result

Fair-Result’s success is built upon a foundation of integrity, a client-centric approach, and a unique fixed-fee structure for all aspects of divorce services, including court time, barrister fees, valuations, and more. The members of the team are renowned for their strategic insights, legal acumen, and unwavering commitment to achieving fair and favourable outcomes for their clients.

Operating internationally when required, Fair-Result’s focus is to deliver fair and equitable solutions to divorce settlements. The firm takes a distinctive approach, providing honest feedback to clients and refusing to engage in unreasonable demands or meaningless discussions that do not focus on the key issues, such as financial settlements and the care of any dependent children.

As Fair-Result looks towards the future, the firm remains steadfast in its mission to provide unparalleled legal representation and innovative solutions for families navigating the complexities of divorce and family disputes. These prestigious awards serve as a testament to Fair-Result’s position as a trustworthy and client-focused divorce law firm in the UK – dedicated to delivering fair and equitable outcomes and setting new standards in the industry.