Recently, the Fair-Result team had a chance to help Mr K deal with a divorce. Here is what he had to say:

As a father of a 3-year boy separated from my son following the breakup of my marriage I was devastated.


My ex-partner wouldn’t let me see my son and refused to negotiate fairly on splitting the proceeds of the house so we could both move on.


I was lost and didn’t know where to turn.


I saw an advert for Fair Result on the internet offering a free consultation and a fixed fee for their work. I thought what have I got to lose. So, I gave them a call.


I had my first consultation with the team on a Sunday afternoon and after listening to my side of things they said I had a great chance to increase my share of the sale proceeds from the house and put on a sure footing my arrangements to see my son going forward.


They gave me a fixed quote to negotiate on my behalf with my ex’s lawyers and got to work straight away.


On Monday they sent me a copy email they proposed to send my wife’s lawyer setting out why my financial needs weren’t met by what was currently on offer and explaining what a reasonable and fair split of the marital assets in the financial division in a divorce was.


They also set out my case for increased time with my son and why it was important to agree on a sensible co-parenting plan that gave certainty to our arrangements and structure for our son.


After the brick walls I had met up to this point I was not optimistic about getting much movement from my ex but within 2 weeks of back and forward emails my wife had increased her offer for my share of the house, and I can now look forward to regular times with my son and taking him away on holiday.


I know I’ve got to wait for the no-fault divorce process cooling-off period for the divorce to finalise, but I’ve got an agreed consent order in place and once the Final order is approved by the court I can move on.


I can’t thank enough the team at Fair Result for the enormous effort they put into my case. I know it wasn’t the most prolonged or most complicated they have ever dealt with. Without their clear plan for how to approach things and negotiate on my behalf, I think I would still be bashing my head against the wall in frustration. And I did get all their work and effort for the fixed fee they quoted me on the first Sunday afternoon.


I honestly can’t thank the team enough. I can get on with my life.