If you have decided divorce is the only way forward, don’t make stupid divorce mistakes along the way.

Why the stupid things?

Because going through a divorce is extremely difficult. It’s an emotional, stressful, painful and unbelievably scary time, and all those emotional changes cause people to sometimes lose the plot and become different people.

Otherwise, confident, sensible people turn into an insecure, emotional mess unsure of themselves and who can’t seem to do anything right. Because of the insecurities, the instability and the lack of self-worth, people can make bad choices.

At a time of huge emotional vulnerability, it’s important to keep calm and make the right decisions for you.

Remember at the outset, every step of the journey through to divorce can have consequences – don’t leave an angry drunken voicemail for your ex that can be played in court months down the line with devastatingly damaging effects.

Similarly, don’t send the abusive text you don’t want the judge to see. Don’t talk publicly in a negative way about your ex – the person you are talking to may just become a witness for your ex.

Also, don’t talk badly in front of the kids, whatever happens in the divorce you are still going to have to co-parent for years to come.

Don’t do anything out of spite just because in the moment you think it will hurt your ex and don’t throw away all the mementoes of the marriage in years to come when the immediate emotional pain has gone you may regret it

What should you do to avoid stupid divorce mistakes?

Get good advice right from the start.

In the first instance, go to close friends and family you can trust and once you have decided you need to divorce, find a good divorce lawyer who you can turn to.

Don’t make the mistake of letting the lawyer just milk you for fees.

Get them to give you a fixed quote for the whole process of divorce, children and financial settlement.

This is how Fair Result operates and if your lawyer won’t give you a fixed fee ask why.

Don’t make the mistake of letting the lawyer run up the time clock to charge you extra fees. Remember it’s your marital pot that’s paying for this.

And once you have embarked on the divorce journey don’t make more stupid mistakes along the way.

Be sensible in your approach

Use your common sense – don’t fight over things that have no value emotionally or financially. We see all the time cases where lawyers will let a divorcing couple fight for months over irrelevant things. We had a case where a couple was arguing over the value of an engagement ring. Really? The difference they were arguing over was a few hundred pounds and they probably spent more on the lawyers between them than the ring was worth.

Pick your strategy and stick to it knowing that in every case sensible amicable negotiation will get you through the already emotionally stressful time. But realise to reach the sensible solution you may just need a bit of wiggle room along the way.

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