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Alison Walker, Daventry

My situation was that my husband owns a business which was quite successful with him having taken it over from his father in the mid-90s. I work for the local authority and have done for many years in local government admin so have a relatively good index-linked pension which I was keen to preserve and we have a holiday home in the Burgundy region of France which we always went to in the summer holidays with our children but who at the time of my divorce were approaching A-Levels and university.

The divorce group I’m in told me about Fair Results and how they gave a fixed fee right from the start to do everything in the divorce including court costs barristers’ fees and all valuations. So, when I heard Chris was on the discussion, I joined to see how everything worked.

Chris explained it all to the group in the meeting and I private messaged him afterwards to see how we could move matters forward. He arranged a zoom call with him and Pete the next day at a time that suited me – 7 in the evening so I didn’t even need to take time off work.

When the case was presented at the FDR I couldn’t believe how much work had gone into preparing my case. You forget what’s been done for you in the 8 months I was working with the team at Fair Result. All the time I emailed, and they responded within 24 hours – all the comforting phone calls I had with them when I was in the middle of desperate moments not knowing how it would all turn out.

I cannot thank the team at Fair Result for all the care and effort they put into my case and I was delighted with the outcome. Yes, I thought the fee was high at first but when I heard how much my husband had paid, I knew I got the bargain and I got the best result. I’m sure overall at the end of the day I saved myself 25% on fees that I would have paid with traditional lawyers. If in doubt pick up the phone and have a chat with the team.

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