At Fair Result, our constant aim is to speed up divorce negotiations. We want to create certainty with fees and ensure parties are engaging with their solicitors in divorce and final settlement hearings. Clients deserve an effective, clear and transparent service from the lawyers they choose to deal with their case.

The constant criticism we hear from clients when dealing with lawyers is threefold:

  1. Cost
  2. Lack of communication
  3. Lack of advice.

We are constantly told by clients who engage with Fair Result for their divorce negotiations and final settlements that when they have dealt with other solicitors, they have been let down by the service they received, specifically in relation to:

  • Transparency over costs
  • The inability to speak with their solicitor at a convenient time for the client
  • The lengthy delay getting a response from their lawyer a
  • The fact that any communication received often does not give them a clear answer to issues clients feel are important in the case.

We want to change all that at Fair Result and are rolling out a new unique service, ensuring all clients have immediate access to their lawyers 24/7.

This will come in the form of each client being given a dedicated WhatsApp group individual to their case, with the whole team involved in their case within it. They can then send messages to the whole team dealing with the case and can see immediately when the team has received and seen their request for information.

It is our promise to all clients these messages will be responded to immediately, on the day that they are sent and clients will receive answers to all questions important to them within a very short time frame.

In the modern world of instant communication, why should clients often wait days and sometimes weeks for a response from their lawyer? Fair Result, as you know, already gives clients a fixed fee for the entirety of their divorce negotiations. To ensure a fair speedy and equitable settlement is obtained for each client, this fixed fee includes:

  • The cost of representation in court
  • All preparation needed for court
  • Negotiations

Our new service is designed to ensure the clients are kept constantly updated about their case and they feel safe in the knowledge that if they have a question, concern or worry as their divorce negotiations progress, they have unrestricted access to the team dealing with their case – and they don’t have to worry that each text WhatsApp message or e-mail is going to add to their costs.

Clients expect to be kept updated, informed and involved in their case; this is what Fair Result hopes to achieve with their new service.

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