Whilst I am relatively new to this divorce world in terms of offering professional advice and services, I am a very quick learner. We have delivered over £0.5m of fees in the past six months – not bad for a new business – settling cases quickly and efficiently, despite the legal profession doing their all to delay negotiation and settlement using some of the most stupid reasons and rationale I have ever heard. That doesn’t phase Fair-Result at all – we are in the business of settling for our clients, enabling them to move on with their lives. That’s why we are available 24/7 – dealing with the emotion as much as the process.

Now, I have been in the world of corporate finance for many years – to you and I – buying and selling businesses. I always thought the lawyers made a meal out of the most simple process, the ‘deal makers’ using acronyms which nobody understood and made people intimidated to ask questions about. 

That world is nothing compared with the world of divorce – the most simple law, encapsulated in few key pieces of case law yet the legal provision have certainly made an industry out of paperwork, process and bullshit. 

That is why we set up fair-result – to drive a coach and horses through the existing processes, to change the way divorce is done and most importantly enable our clients and their families to move on. 

However, the most telling thing that has struck me during these existing times since we set up is that ‘it’s all about the numbers’and frankly ‘there aren’t many lawyers that are good at maths and even fewer that can read a balance sheet’

That’s a bit worrying if you ask me given that divorce is all about dividing up a marital pot of assets and liabilities. The starting point has to be to understand that from the start – not through FORM E but through sitting down and putting it all down on a spreadsheet. The number of times we have picked up cases – 2 years on where the parties still haven’t agreed the ‘pot’ is astonishing. 

Even worse is the number of times where I have seen the liability in the FORM E but not the corresponding asset (a car on PCP for instance!) or even worse comments about business valuations which simply put – show how lacking in knowledge they really are. 

Hiding behind ‘full disclosure’ is one thing – but not understanding what that disclosure is another and the latter is very common. 

So, with 100,000 divorces in the UK each year, nearly £1bn spent on professional services – most of which I would argue are wasted with poor advice and a focus on process not result – WHY BUT WHY is divorce driven by those with accounting knowledge – after all, we are dividing up financial resources. 

That is where Fair-Result is different. The only joint team of Senior Finance and Legal Professionals working together in the UK, specialising in the Divorce Settlement market – we are taking the market by storm. Together, we will sit down with our clients in the first few days and focus on the marital pot, quantum and what we need to get to form a complete picture – then we present this to the other side – focussing on what is material and not getting caught up with being ‘penny wise, pound foolish’

A full settlement, all for a totally fixed fee with nothing to pay until your consent order is approved by the Court. 

We are with you, we take the risks and we get the job done. 

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‘Changing the face of divorce in the UK’