One of our clients has written down their experience with Fair-Result. More specifically Chris and Peter – who helped them get divorce costs under wraps and achieve the best results from the divorce.

“I was referred to Fair Result by a previous client on a Facebook divorce group. My husband left me at 66 for a younger model. My life was torn apart, and I didn’t know where to turn. He had a successful business and I thought we were set up for retirement, but he had other plans. I was devastATed initially but quickly realised I needed to fight for what was mine after 35 years of marriage. I spoke to Pete and Chris and over a lengthy zoom call they explained how Fair Result worked. No fees up front needed for them to start work on my case at a desperate financial time. Pete with his forensic financial approach analysed the business and Chris explained how the whole divorce process would work and I was at the end of the zoom meeting reassured of my financial future and how long it would take.


My husband fought tooth and nail to avoid valuing the business, but the tenacity of Fair Result ensured this was done. Even though the case because of my husband and the delays in the court system took longer that we wanted I was always in safe hands and could speak to the team at Fair Result anytime I wanted, out of hours, at the weekend and always got a prompt response from their personal WhatsApp group with me.


At no stage was I ever asked for fees until my case was finally concluded and even then Fair Result were prepared to wait for their fees until the pension sharing border was finalised. The reassurance I got throughout the whole process was extremely invaluable. I couldn’t have paid for legal fees as I went along in a drawn-out divorce fighting a difficult ex who wanted to force me to settle for what was less than what I was entitled to. He had no idea I had the Fair Result model behind me and all he did was waste his own money fighting me, because my fees were fixed right from the start and they fought to get me exactly what I was entitled to.


The peace of mind I got from Fair result was invaluable at a time when my world had fallen apart.

All divorce companies should work this way, so the escalating unnecessary costs of divorce don’t force a financially weaker party to have to settle for less than what is fair.”